"Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful." - Willliam Morris


I urge everyone who likes gardening to try companion planting. It really works. Your plants will be happier and your yields more abundant. 

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The Nourishmat comes with everything you need to start growing organic vegetables: seeds, fertilizer and know-how.

The mats last about 5 years and are printed with nontoxic ink that won’t leach into the soil.

The mats use a technique called square foot gardening. “The key is planting in grids instead of rows so you can maximize your space,” said Weiner. “More food in less space. We adapted the layout of the Nourishmat based on this popular method. We say natural because it embraces the idea of bio-diversity.” This method requires less water and fertilizer then conventional monoculture farming.

The square-foot method also makes plants into beneficial neighbors. “The layout of the plants revolves around companion planting,” said Weiner. “For example, the bugs that like marigolds are the same bugs that love to eat the bugs that love to eat tomatoes.”

I want!

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Most people who are interested in Tiny Houses probably know what this beauty is - a Dickinson Newport P-12000 propane boat heater. What it is to me is my first big purchase for my future tiny house! 

I was blessed to find this one on craigslist, being sold for almost half the price of a new one, and only a few towns over from where I live. I had been searching for one off and on for about a year, and finally finding one was almost to good to be true! 

So this is where it begins I guess.. it’s high time I get my rear in gear and just start somewhere. I have no clue what this summer will bring in the way of progress, but I do want to try and take some carpentry/woodworking classes and possibly purchase a trailer. One thing I know I’ll be doing is combing craigslist for more bits and pieces :)


Tim & Hannah’s off-grid micro cabin | via Apartment Therapy



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Simple Wood Stove Powered Water Heater

What a great idea, and nicely implemented. It’s a simple copper coil wrapped around a stove pipe. The water in the tank circulates through the copper pipe as a result of convection. A handy way to heat water and temporarily store some heat in the room.

“Tiny house on wheels in the countryside of Kilkenny, Ireland. Photos and built by Noel Higgins.” - Tiny House Swoon.

See more of this tiny house at Tiny House Swoon

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I’m attracted to the metal frame bowtop and the light it lets into the house.  Will the roof material leak?   The bowtop is its dominating feature and feels really modern to me.   I’d change out the country style door and go sleek, modern with the railings and door.  Pops of color.   Random thoughts.

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Interior space saving stairs and staircase photos from darlingamericancurl   /(^_^)/

If you, like me, are in search of tiny home ideas and tiny living inspiration you may want to follow her blog. I have been a dedicated reblogger of recent.

The final pic is of modular stairs that can be ordered from the following:


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My Favorite Builds (2 of 3 or 4)

tiny-project.com-Alek and Anjalihave put together a very unique style and have documented it…

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